Sunday, 30 September 2012

Danaway Tango

Danaway Tango
watercolours - ink - acrylic white
measures 24x32cm

Welsh Cob, sec. D - Stallion - UK
Danaway Tango is a world famous Welsh Cob stallion. He has won countless shows and prices. Born in 1995, he is after Tireinon Triple Crown, under Trevallion Marie.
A Truly stunning man he is, and he was alot of fun to paint.
This painting was given as a gift from the commissioner to the owners of Tango, at Danaway Stud. I am glad I didnt know this beforehand, as I am alittle starstruck that my humble work was given to this famous stud in the UK.

here is the photo I had to work with, for your comparison.
also, I dont have a proper scanner, so I have to photograph my paintings. Which makes the colours, and sometimes the angle all off... :(


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